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MfN-registered mediator

Easy-Echtscheiding is a concept of Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. All our mediators are MfN-registered mediators. The MfN-register (former NMI-register) is a quality register for mediators recognized by the market and the judiciary. MfN-registered mediators (formerly NMI-registered mediators) are qualified mediators who meet certain quality requirements and work under established conditions. The MfN-register (MfN stands for Mediatorsfederatie Nederland) is managed and maintained by the Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators (SKM). The MfN-register only includes qualified mediators who meet the quality requirements of the SKM. These mediators are independent and impartial. MfN-registered mediators have followed recognized mediation training and continuously update their knowledge and skills (continuing education). In addition, MfN-registered mediators are bound by a specific method.

What is a MfN-registered mediator?

A MfN-registered mediator is a qualified mediator that:

  • meets the entry requirements for the MfN register,
  • meets the professional profile of a professional mediator,
  • works under certain conditions laid down in the mediation regulations and the rules of conduct for the MfN-registered mediator,
  • falls under a complaints procedure and disciplinary law,
    has sufficient experience,
  • continuously updating knowledge and skills in the field of mediation (permanent education).

MfN-registered mediator is a protected title

The title MfN registered mediator is a protected title. This means that only mediators who are qualified and recognized by the Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators (SKM), the foundation that manages and maintains the MfN register, may use the title.


Our MfN-registered mediators also all have an ‘accreditation family mediation’. To this end, every mediator has followed the specialization training to become a family mediator in addition to the mediator training. Mediators who have followed this training and who have been positively assessed for both theoretical knowledge and skills, will receive an entry in the MfN-register. This allows our mediators to apply for legal aid if you meet the conditions set.

Do you want to make an appointment?

Would you like to make an appointment with one of our MfN-registered mediators? Please feel free to contact us.
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