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Who are we?

Easy Echtscheiding is a concept of Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. Since 2006 we have been helping clients in arranging the divorce and its consequences. We do this with a young team of specialized MfN-registered mediators. We work from twelve offices throughout the Randstad and Noord-Brabant.

Highest Quality

Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. specializes in counseling and settlement of the divorce. Quality is achieved through investment in training, specialization and a great deal of experience. For example, each mediator supervises at least 100 divorces per year. Our mediators also have extensive knowledge of all associated legal aspects, finances, taxes and parental arrangements. This allows us to deliver the highest quality.

International aspects

If you do not speak Dutch well, the conversations can be conducted in English. We will also prepare the interview reports, divorce agreement and parenting plan in English. In addition, the law firm we work with specializes in international family law. So also for a divorce with international aspects, you have come to the right place.

Lowest price

The Simple Separation is a unique concept to realize a simple divorce at the lowest possible price. But even if it is a little less simple, we can arrange the divorce through mediation at low cost. We are not a law firm. This keeps costs lower. But we do more to keep costs down. Thanks to our specialization and experience, we can realize the separation in an effective way. Moreover, we are smart about fixed costs. We do not have a large branch network, but twelve offices strategically spread across the country. From these offices we serve our clients throughout the Randstad, South and Central Netherlands. Conversations take place at one of our offices or at your home. Partly because of the above, we can charge very competitive rates. In addition, all our employees are certified MfN-registered mediators. We, as one of the few mediators in the Netherlands, also work together with the Legal Aid Board on a High Trust basis. This allows you to divorce with legal aid, if you meet the conditions set. In that case you only have to pay a personal contribution of € 56 or € 112 per person.


Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. works in the provinces of Noord- and Zuid-Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant.

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