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  • Guidance by a MfN-registered mediator
  • Appointments at your home or at our office
  • Conversations and documents in English
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Independent maintenance calculation
  • Divorce settlement and parenting plan
  • Dissolution procedure in court
  • A predetermined, low price


  • The willingness to sit down together
  • The intention to work it out together

More information about Divorce Mediation

Once the decision to divorce has been made, there is so much to consider and organize. Do you want to get a divorce together, but do you need substantive expert guidance? Then choose Divorce Mediation. This way you make fair agreements about the divorce and its consequences.

In Divorce Mediation, one of the MfN registered mediators of Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. will help you make these agreements.

Our MfN-registered mediators are legal, tax and financial specialists. The mediator will inform you about the legal standards and guidelines regarding the agreements to be made. The mediator will also make an independent maintenance calculation for you. Above all, the mediator will assist you in making well-considered arrangements. In this way you ultimately determine together what the (near) future will look like. If you do not speak Dutch well, the conversations can be conducted in English.

The mediator will record the agreements in a divorce agreement and a parenting plan in English. The divorce petition is then submitted to the court by the attorney, specialized in international family law. Based on this, the divorce is pronounced. Finally, the lawyer ensures that the divorce decree is entered into the registers of the Civil Registry.

If you prefer to have your own advisor, you can always divorce unilaterally.

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