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  • You agree on the divorce
  • You agree on:
    • Alimony
    • The house
    • Estate distribution
    • Pension distribution


  • Divorce settlement in English
  • One-time meeting at our office
  • Dissolution procedure in court
  • Very low cost

More information about Simple Separation

Simple Separation is a concept of Raad & Daad, Advies & Mediation B.V. The Simple Separation is a very fast procedure that allows you to keep the costs of the divorce as low as possible. This procedure is particularly suitable when not much needs to be arranged. In addition, it is important that you agree on the divorce and its consequences.

You make agreements about alimony, the home, the distribution of the property and the pensions together without using the advice of a specialist. The Simple Separation offers you the legal certainty and quality of a regular divorce procedure because you do not have to draw up the divorce agreement yourself. The mediator will do this for you – in English. This assures you of quality. In addition, you will have a one-time meeting with our mediator at one of our offices near you. During this meeting, the divorce agreement drawn up for you will be discussed with you and signed. If you do not speak Dutch well, this conversations can be conducted in English. The divorce petition is then submitted by the lawyer to the court that pronounces the divorce.

If you have minor children together, or if you need substantive guidance from an independent specialist, we advise you to opt for Divorce Mediation.

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